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ABMB Convention: APRIL. 21-22, 2017 Calgary


Welcome to this Convention!

I trust that together we will have a stronger love for Jesus Christ, resulting in a greater outflow of love for others and engagement in His mission. We will hear from churches, of conference initiatives, and specifically we will talk about how we will agree to function together. Thanks for your prayers and your participation! …read more

the vision and mission of the alberta  conference of mb churches is

To multiply Christ-centred churches to see the people of Alberta transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ.


Developing Leaders

Identifying, developing and supporting leaders to ensure the continuation of mission.

Building Community

Fostering our theological identity and relationships, nurturing healthy accountability and partnerships.


Multiplying Churches

Planting and multiplying disciple-making churches and enabling missional opportunities.

Resourcing Ministries

Offering resources and tools to churches and organizations to help them achieve their mission.


Are you a pastor or church preparing for the credentialing process?  We have a comprehensive web page detailing every step of the way.

Whether you are looking for an available position, or your church needs to find someone to fill a role, we can help you with that!

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  • My neighbour – who came to me crying and a few hours before had an extension cord wrapped around his neck – isn’t asking what I believe about baptism. He isn’t asking what I believe about the Millennium, or whether I’m a complementarian or egalitarian. All he knows is that he needs some good news.

    Johny Thiessen C2C network
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