Faith and Life Teams

The Faith Team and Life Team

The purpose of the Faith and Life Team is to promote doctrinal integrity by providing guidance to the Conference and its member churches in matters of doctrine, Christian conduct, and church polity. The team seeks to watch over the spiritual welfare of our churches. As a provincial Conference, we hold to the Confession of Faith of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches.  The Board of Faith and Life of the Canadian Conference has produced a series of pamphlets to assist churches and individuals with a variety of faith and life matters.

If you are looking for credentialing and licensing forms, you can find them by Clicking Here.

The key responsibilities of the Faith and Life Team are:

  • Accomplish and administrate credentialing and licensing for our conference.
  • Resourcing leaders and churches toward biblical conflict resolution and assisting congregations experiencing conflict.
  • Resourcing leaders and churches in biblical and ethical issues that arise within the ABMB
  • Provide a representative to sit on the Canadian Board of Faith and Life.

The Faith and Life Team oversees and implements the following policies and procedures:

Ordination is the recognition of the calling and gifting of an individual, by a local ABMB church congregation and the conference, for vocational pastoral ministry in Alberta.

The ABMB Faith and Life Team strongly suggests that all pastors serving in ABMB churches complete the credentialing process prior to being hired. In this way, the Faith and Life Team is able to assist the local church in discerning theological “fit” of potential candidates prior to hiring. In situations where credentialing cannot be completed prior to the hiring process, the ABMB Faith and Life Team requests that credentialing be completed within the probationary period.

Temporary Licenses
Temporary licenses will be issued to applicants requesting such, under the following conditions:

  1. They are a credentialed MB pastor from another province (or state)
  2. If not credentialed in another province (or state), the following will be required in order to have a request considered (The Faith and Life Team will make these decisions at their discretion):
  • A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s home church leadership body or lead pastor requesting temporary licensing for the applicant.
  • The Completion of a Temporary License Questionnaire.

The Process for Churches Applying for Membership in the ABMB Conference
The following process outlines the steps involved for any church that wishes to join the ABMB Conference:

  • The Church will be invited to participate in conference activities and events for a period of one year
  • Before a local church can submit an application for membership in the Conference, it must formally accept and incorporate into its bylaws the Confession of Faith and the Bylaws of the Conference.
  • Upon receipt of a petition for membership, the Executive Board of the Conference (“Executive Board”) shall direct the Faith and Life Team, or authorized representatives of the same, to consult with the applicant group regarding its faith position, organization, and other such matters as it may deem necessary.
  • The Faith and Life Team shall bring a recommendation concerning the membership application to the Executive Board for presentation at the next convention of the Conference.

Responsibilities of Member Churches
Each member church shall give moral and material support to the projects and activities of the Alberta Conference and the Canadian Conference. Each member church is expected to:

  • Teach and uphold the Confession of Faith of the Alberta Conference.
  • Forward statistical and financial information to the Conference upon request to facilitate the business of the Conference.
  • Refer potential pastoral candidates to the Conference for a credentialing assessment prior to being hired.

For questions related to the ministry of the Faith and Life Team please contact us.

As Christians we look forward to the day when God will once again send Jesus to bring all things under God’s eternal rule.