Resourcing Ministry

The Resourcing Ministry is responsible for resourcing our churches through practical means such as shared licenses, technology, insurance, forms and more.

Our staff team desires to hear what resources our churches are lacking and to find ways to help fill those resource needs on a larger scale .

  • A guide to assist churches with legal matters where possible
  • Practical ministry support
  • Being a premier resource locator and provider
  • A support for smaller churches lacking in resourcing capacity

Charitable Support

ABMB can assist churches that are seeking to obtain charitable status, in navigating the process in Alberta, as well as provide support and direction for other matters that may arise as a result of their charitable designation.

CRA Support and Counsel

Our Resourcing Ministry can give direction and support to churches when interacting with CRA to ensure that the churches are in compliance with provincial and federal regulations.

Transition Leadership

ABMB can come alongside churches who are heading into a time of transition, to place a leader who can guide the church as they search for a new lead. Also, ABMB can serve as a resource for identifying potential candidates and for theological assistance to the search committee where needed.

Administrative and Structural Resourcing

We are able to provide assistance to churches looking for structural guidance, or for direction with regards to administrative resources such as templates or procedures.

Accounting Assistance and Advice

ABMB can provide accounting advice and assistance to churches and or provide recommendations to appropriate professionals or outside organizations when necessary.

Insurance Support & Counsel

ABMB is available to give direction to churches and leaders with regards to appropriate insurance needs and solutions in a ministry setting. Additionally, we can assist churches with shared or group licensing options when available.

Policy & Governance Resources

Churches seeking assistance with policies and governance, can obtain both hard resources (templates, guidelines, handbooks), and recommendations on where else to look for resources when additional materials are required.

Facilitate Church Mortgage Approvals

Mortgages can be provided to churches and pastors by the Canadian Conference. ABMB staff an assist you through the mortgage application process, and with financial concerns where appropriate.

Pastoral & Staff Evaluation Support

When churches require an objective perspective for pastoral or staff evaluation, ABMB can provide this support directly, or provide direction on tools and resources that can facilitate these evaluations.

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