The Prayer in the Pet Shop

During my Church-Planting apprenticeship, I worked part-time at a local pet store. One of my co-workers was a girl I’d decided would be “least likely to ever come to church or be open to Jesus.” She didn’t really like me much. Once, while I was handing out Manifest Church business cards to fellow employees, she ignored me and walked away without a word.

This past July I popped in for a visit and noticed her wearing an arm brace, so I asked her what was up. “Tendonitis,” she said, apparently because of the repetitive motions associated with being a stock girl. “Here, feel this,” she continued, slipping off the brace.

She took my hand and clamped it around her forearm while she rotated her wrist. It felt like it was full of ball bearings. “Oh man, can I pray for you?” I asked, and she shrugged her agreement. I invited Jesus to pour out his Spirit and heal her, commanding the tendonitis to heal in the name of Jesus.  I asked her to test the arm, and she pulled it back and swore, her eyes wide with amazement.

“It’s so loose!” she sputtered, her eyes misting over. I prayed one more time, and afterwards, it was so improved, she turned me and said, “Can I give you a hug?” I hugged her tight and told her, “This is God loving you. That’s it.” Tears filled her eyes as she ambled off, totally flummoxed.

A week later I popped in to check on her. The brace was gone and she was totally healed. “So uh… when does your church meet again?” she asked.

A few weeks ago, she came to Manifest for the first time and heard the gospel. And she brought a friend.

By Brad Huebert 

Manifest Church Calgary