Camp provides diverse opportunity to relate with and invite people of all ages into God’s Grand Story.



Camp Evergreen is a year-round camp located 14 kilometres south of Sundre, Alberta, situated on 480 acres of gorgeous forest terrain. In the summer, we offer a wide array of organized camps, for kids of all ages. In the spring, fall and winter, our camp is open to guest groups who wish to rent our facilities. If you’ve never been here before, we invite you to check out the rest of the website and learn a bit about Camp Evergreen.


  • I started working at camp back in 1999. But I knew YEARS before, when I was still a camper, that I wanted to work at camp. I wanted to be a camp counselor. I wanted to be crazy and fun and dress up ridiculously. I had a deep desire to tell every kid at camp that they were special and that God loved them. People always ask me why I work (or keep working) at camp. Not much has changed since I was that young kid. I still find myself being crazy, getting excited to lead campfire songs, and finding costumes for theme meals. More than that - and more than EVER, I want to make sure every person that comes through Evergreen knows that they are loved and that God loves them.

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