Going to the least reached

Holistic church planting that transforms communities among the least reached.

Multiply has a vision to see churches planted among least-reached people groups where the church has a holistic witness bringing spiritual, emotional, social and physical transformation to lives, families, and communities. Multiply carries out this vision through our four services: mobilization, holistic church planting, mission capacity building, and training and team health.

The mobilization service involves strengthening the missional health of our North American churches and giving them opportunities to go, pray and give. We invite MB churches and members to serve in short-term and long-term missions, to pray for missionaries, and to financially support holistic church-planting work.

Holistic church planting is about building healthy church-planting teams that follow the Spirit’s leading and help local leaders in least-reached countries to transform their communities. Through sustained church-planting efforts, groups of missional churches can grow and reproduce themselves, which lay the foundations for forming MB conference in different countries around the world which can become part of ICOMB (International Committee of Mennonite Brethren).

Mission capacity building involves us coming alongside our partner church networks around the world to help them develop their own church-planting initiatives. Churches in our ICOMB partner conferences are strengthened and equipped though community development and leadership training so that development projects and church-planting movements can grow and thrive.

 The training and team health service focuses on equipping and resourcing every member of our Multiply team so that we can serve effectively in the mission to which God has called us. The health of each member is key if we want to maintain a long-term, transformational presence in least-reached areas around the world.

All of these services work together to build momentum towards the vision of Multiply. Each service contributes in a unique way and is essential to reaching the vision for the future.

Multiply’s central ministry focus and the activity of each day is to multiply healthy disciples and missional leaders.

Core Values

  • Dependency on Jesus
  • Risk-taking Obedience
  • Relational Integrity
  • Transforming Community
  • Celebration
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  • I started working at camp back in 1999. But I knew YEARS before, when I was still a camper, that I wanted to work at camp. I wanted to be a camp counselor. I wanted to be crazy and fun and dress up ridiculously. I had a deep desire to tell every kid at camp that they were special and that God loved them. People always ask me why I work (or keep working) at camp. Not much has changed since I was that young kid. I still find myself being crazy, getting excited to lead campfire songs, and finding costumes for theme meals. More than that - and more than EVER, I want to make sure every person that comes through Evergreen knows that they are loved and that God loves them.

  • My neighbour – who came to me crying and a few hours before had an extension cord wrapped around his neck – isn’t asking what I believe about baptism. He isn’t asking what I believe about the Millennium, or whether I’m a complementarian or egalitarian. All he knows is that he needs some good news.

    Johny Thiessen C2C network
  • The more I read the scriptures I believe the glory is none other than Jesus Christ.

    Elroy Senneker
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