Paul LoewenProvincial Director

Paul and Melody moved to Calgary in the summer of 2014 to fill the ministry role of Provincial Conference Minister/Alberta Regional Director. They have three adult sons (two married), and two grand kids.

Paul has experience in a variety of church settings—rural and city, small and large multi-staff churches, new and established congregations, with styles ranging from congregational to council to elder governance churches. He has served pastorally in 5 provinces (Ontario to BC) and in California, with roles ranging from youth pastor, worship leader, young adults, singles, church planter, lead pastor, executive pastor, and transitional pastor. Columbia Bible College allowed him to invest in students (VP Student Development) and later into churches and donors as development officer. Through service in a variety of denominations, marketplace leadership, and with quality education (MDiv from MBBS, BA from University of Waterloo, BRE from Briercrest), Paul has gained ample experiences and relationships on which to draw from when serving our churches and pastors. 

Paul’s life mission is to call out and equip the next generation of disciple-making leaders for their homes, churches, and community.  His passion is to see Alberta churches be healthy disciple-making communities of faith that live out the command of Christ to “love our neighbors as ourselves” and live out His everyday mission of making disciples. As Conference Minister/Regional Director, he loves to connect with churches, lay leaders, and pastors to walk alongside, coaching and equipping them for the mission and vision the Holy Spirit has given them.

When Paul’s not “in the office” you might find him on the ski-slope, or on his motorcycle, or maybe even on a great mountain hike. Or perhaps building a deck with his neighbor or doing a reno project with one of his boys. Occasionally he has the joy of playing bass with a band at church.

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